At an early age mom always wanted us to experience new things. Mom was a school teacher which made summer traveling together easy. So when we traveled she would often load up on goodies and toiletries taking them back to our friends and neighbors who didn’t have the privilege to travel as we did.  I can still hear her voice calling to deliver toiletries and other treats to our neighbors, once we were home.
As I got older I became more aware of being my brother’s keeper and what it means to give back.  I often volunteer at my church out reaches using my hair stylist skills or wherever there was a need.  I soon started volunteering on the streets of Atlanta with other nonprofits and saw that there was a great need for toiletries. I was immediately reminded of my mother’s compassion. So I decide to make a difference in providing full size toiletries to those in need.  Basic necessities such as soap, lotion, razors etc. make such a difference for those who are without, not only the homeless but wherever the need is. OMMS is a 501(c)3 foundation.